Looking for a custom built body shell?

Dynacorn Bodies and Restoration Performance have teamed up with local builders to offer you a way to order your shell customized to exactly what you need. Below are some of the different options and part packages we offer:


motor / horsepower rating at block
Fuel Injection or carburated
Manual or Automatic Transmission


Stock or custom brand


Rack and Pinion, Power
Stock Column
Stock or polished, tilt or no tilt column
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive


Stock Tank
Upgraded tank


A/C Heat
Wood steering wheel
Custom or standard seats
Stereo system, 2/4 speakers, Amp, subwoofer, CD player


Front and rear wilwood disc
Front disc and drum brakes


mild, medium or loud tone


Upgraded , brand
Rear min tubs for wider tires
Front Subframe, stock or upgrade
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Any information requested for a quote will be returned by one of our selected customization shops, it will not come back from Restoration Performance Center, we at RPC only furnish the parts.

Option 1

Body by Dynacorn, check all welds, complete body, modify body gaps within new car tollarences. Metal Finished and seam sealed inside and underbody. Bodywork, 90% paint ready and ship to your location. Price will be detrimined on which body you are purchasing

Option 2

Add in: Structural supports for 450 hp or more horsepower. Includes subframe connectors (Mustang and Camaro body) and other special bracing and ship to your location. Price will be determined on which body you are purchasing.

Option 3

Add in: Spray on ceramic insulation for sound 2 layers and spray on thermal material 2 layers for heat resistance. We use lizard skin products. Works more efficient that any stick on internal material and gets in more places and seals the body. The material is sprayed underneath the car from the firewall back and inside the car from the firewall back, including the bottom side of the roof and inside the quarter panels. The inside of the doors are sprayed with a different material and the holes in the bottom of the doors are made larger to let the water out. Add $2100

Option 4

Add Paint (includes dash and interior doors, trunk and ship to your location). Price to be determined on metallic paint and stripes.

Option 5

Add Complete interior, suspension, all options excluding motor and transmission and shipped to your location for you to finish.

Option 6

Complete turn key car