Frequently Asked Questions

What about the VIN?

A Vehicle or Vessel Identification Number (VIN) is issued by a manufacturer or State Licensing authority. There are three ways for a vehicle to obtain a number.

  1. An existing VIN on a vehicle that is titled in your name can be transferred to a repair part (as instructed by your State authority).
  2. A number may be issued by your State to ID a custom built vehicle when it passes a safety and number verification inspection.
  3. A licensed manufacturer issued a VIN when the vehicle (or vessel) is made and ready for delivery. This can only be issued when a “turn key” (completed) car, truck, boat or aircraft has been manufactured.


Do I need a donor car?

These bodies are intended to save rust or collision damaged vehicles by providing a welded shell to start bolting on parts from your car along with the new parts for the restoration. In most States, an application to build a vehicle from scratch is allowed and outlined. Contact your State motor vehicle division to get the paperwork and instructions from them.

How hard is it to build?

These bodies have been meticulously fitted and welded then tested with Dynacorn’s restoration quality replacement parts. This assures us that the reassembly will go smoothly and quickly when proper procedures are followed. Depending on the condition of the parts from the donor vehicle (or vehicles), the use of a replacement shell can shave 200 to 500 man hours off of the time needed to restore a vehicle.

How much will it cost?

That’s up to you. You have a lot of choices to make and options to decide on when restoring (and modifying) your car. This project is designed to save labor time, and in doing so to save labor dollars, when major body repairs are necessary. Professional restoration facilities and do-it-yourselfers alike will agree that the “surprise” repairs to hidden rust damage and re-work to “patch jobs” done by previous owners can easily double or triple the time (and dollars) that the original job was to entail.

Can I order one from you?

Absolutely, you can find all of the Dynacorn bodies on our affiliate site